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What is Hate?

Hate is a composite emotion.

It’s Judgement Directing Anger

A deeper part of the problem is that anger itself is another composite emotion which is often a mix consisting of frustration and survival.

The high-level process is: when feeling hate: it’s time to begin a process of release. For most people to work on the final entangled feelings are too complicated, and it quickly becomes a process of spinning around the issues rather than dealing directly with the roots of the problem. By focusing on the individual sub-elements, you can quickly unravel the hate all together.

Angles of Hate

Since hate is a composite of judgment and anger, many new side issues twist into existence with the hate. These issues are secondary problems to the real deeper issues at play. As a result, dealing with surface issues may do nothing in helping a person overcome hate.

For example often “hate” involves an imbalance in a relationship. Relationship imbalances usually evolve out from judgments twisting the relationship out of balance. Some examples

  • Older judgments from previous relationships

  • Abuse from the past

  • Family issues from how we were raised by our parents

  • Understand hate is a powerful emotion, (powerful enough to destroy nations as WWII showed) Hate exists for a reason, it’s an unconscious reaction to lash out at what seems to be harming or diminishing us. Hate isn’t something to ignore, or you can hope will go away. Unfortunately, you need to actively work at releasing this poison when it’s found digging into your soul.

Hate can never be held: release hate, or it destroys the heart where it resides. Keeping to this emotion, only leaves destruction. Hate is anger’s second to the last step in the march of personal destruction.

So when feeling pangs of hate, be acutely aware and work towards discovering release, Being human we all will have felt this emotion at some point in our life, But also find it’s a lesson in how to release towards a better life.

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