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The treatment.

A deep sculpting face lift massage to contour, plump up your skin naturally, resulting in naturally younger looking skin.

The skin will be cleansed ,an Enzyme cleanser will be applied, serums and aromatherapy oils will be soothed onto skin.

This customized face lift massage will oxygenate your skin, bring back vitality to your complexion, relaxing the mind, body and soul, unveiling a youthful glow.

Female Model
Female Model

What is a Natural Sculpt Face Lift?

Exclusive to ZenVita Wellness this natural sculpt lift works directly on the face to wake up the muscles, revealing revitalized younger glowing skin.

Using a holistic specific Ayurveda massages deep into the muscles for a smoother more lifted defined face treatment.

Ancient traditional tools,  Gua sha, warm lava stones, Jade and Terahertz, Rose quartz crystals and cooling marble stones to increase circulation along with sculpting massage techniques, lymphatic drainage and face reflexology which activates energy meridians 



Tone and strengthen your skin, increase circulation, promote oxygenation, improving blood flow to the skin which carries nutrients to the cells, resulting in  rejuvenated tighter skin, reducing wrinkles,  fine lines, improved complexion and crows feet. Also, an excellent therapy for puffy eyes and sinus issues.

The results can be visible after 1 treatment.

It is recommended at least 5-7 session for optimum results, 1 hour  every week or every 2nd week.

Your therapist will give tips and make suggestions on how to maintain your skin.


The treatment ends with a cooling Jade crystal face and eye mask.

1 hour
100 euros.

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