About Barbara



I Graduated with ITEC  Diploma's in Anatomy & Physiology, Reflexology Diploma, ITEC Facial Skincare &  Holistic Facial Massage Diploma, Indian Head Massage,  Holistic Body Massage Diploma and Diet & Nutrition for Complementary Therapies, & completed Mindfulness Stress & Meditation workshops.


In year 2, I also completed 6 months studying and Training in Blackrock Education Institute, Aromatherapy, Health & Spa Therapies, Hot Stone Therapies, Manual Lymphatic Drainage Thai Yoga and

Health & Well being therapies, I trained in Reiki, Furthermore, covering different techniques used to combat Stress, Relaxation.

Along with these specific training's I hold, my unique approach to treatments, it is my intention that the client receives Floating Cloud therapies individual to their needs.

Believing Nutrition feeds our living cells, and can improve health & well-being., the focus more on  healthier choices, fresh air and 'Vitamin Sea', which can have a profoundly instant positive effect on our health & well-being.  I completed Level 1 in Pranic Energy Healing with the Pranic Institute of Ireland with Certification.

Also completed  Certified Certificate courses in: Deluxe Facial Course , Hopi Ear Candling Diploma Certificate, Reiki, Mindfulness, Meditation, Japanese Chi Facial, Clinical Aromatherapy for health disorders and Crystal healing certificate, Stress & anxiety management, Mental health Facilitator diploma, Goddess meditation, Botanical skincare Formulations course.

I have an interest in Acupuncture, believing how meridian's/ pathways can be disrupted in the body through stress and how our bodies then try to communicate with us through a symptom of either a cold, as stress disrupts the immune system, or even a headache. I have attended Spinal acupuncture workshops. At present I am studying Babtac approved Cosmetic acupuncture part time, and offer this Therapy for a low charge, which is integrated into Facial Rejuvenation.

I am a Member of the Reflexology Institute Ireland.



At ZenVita I ensure all my clients receive the appropriate treatment in the beautiful Clarinda Park,  witha  view of the Sea.

My focus is on restoring health, listening to and supporting the client.   The entire experience is almost like a soul restoring therapy. Depending on the treatment/therapy sometimes I use sound therapy, Tibetan Bells, or guided meditations, and certain Acupressure Technique to alleviate  stress.


I look forward in meeting you. : )



     Dr. Spiller

               CELLOSOPHY®  winner of 2011 award for “Best Anti-Aging Facial” by the European Health and Spa