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About Barbara


Barbara is a licensed registered professional highly skilled Holistic Complementary Practitioner and graduated with distinction from the Blackrock Institute for Complementary therapies.

I believe nutrition feeds our living cells, and can improve health & well-being., the focus more on  healthier choices, fresh air and 'Vitamin Sea', which can have a profoundly instant positive effect on our health & well-being. 

I am a Member of the National Register Reflexology Ireland.

My focus is on restoring health, listening to and supporting the client.   The entire experience is almost like a soul restoring therapy. Depending on the treatment/therapy sometimes I use sound therapy, Tibetan Bells, or guided meditations, and certain Acupressure Technique to alleviate  stress.

These are the following therapies she is trained in-


ITEC  Diploma's in Anatomy & Physiology

ITEC Reflexology Diploma

ITEC Facial Skincare &  Holistic Facial Massage Diploma

Indian Head Massage diploma

Holistic Body Massage Diploma

Diet & Nutrition for Complementary Therapies

Mindfulness Stress & Meditation workshops.

Aromatherapy, Health & Spa Therapies

Hot Stone Therapies

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Thai Yoga

Health & Well being therapies


Deluxe Facial Course

Hopi Ear Candling Diploma Certificate



Japanese Chi Facial

Clinical Aromatherapy for health disorders 

Crystal healing certificate

Stress & anxiety management

Pranic Energy Healing with the Pranic Institute of Ireland

Mental health Facilitator diploma

Goddess meditation

Botanical skincare Formulations course.

Holistic Fertility Support Diploma 

Medical Anatomy Diploma.

I look forward to meeting you. : )

     Dr. Spiller

               CELLOSOPHY®  winner of 2011 award for “Best Anti-Aging Facial” by the European Health and Spa


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