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Counselling support gives you time and space to work through lifes challenging moments.

Therapy provides a safe, non-judgemental and respectful environment.

Counselling can help you regain wellbeing and balance in your life and having someone to confide in, who is there specifically to listen and support you.

Others reach out for counseling during times in life that are difficult and overwhelming.

In the midst of the crisis, counsellors can offer hope and support.

For instance positive psychology studies have empirically proven that specific interventions increase happiness and decrease depressive symptoms (Seligman, 2005). It was suggested early in this science that in the hands of a skilled clinician or coach, the effects of specific interventions would improve outcomes for clients. Studies utilizing random controlled, placebo assignment design have proven with solid science that happiness interventions work.

The following are the interventions utilized in the original study. Counsellors, coaches and facilitators can use these interventions after a well-formed client relationship has been established. It is important to note that these interventions should be utilized with clients wanting to change their happiness levels.

1. Gratitude Visit
Writing a letter to someone that was particularly kind, but was not adequately thanked.

2. Three Good Things
Write down three things that went well and what caused those good things to occur nightly for one week.

3. Your Peak Self
Imagine a time when you were at your best. Reflect on the personal strengths that were in use at that time. For one week, reflect on this story of your peak self and focus on determining what personal strengths were in use.

It is beyond a doubt mental health should receive the same amount of effort as physical health. Reducing the stigma around mental health is an area where improvement in the field can be made. All humans have feelings; therefore, all humans should have someone to help them process those emotions skillfully.



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