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Inhale the future, Exhale the past.

Free your Mind, Body & Soul of Toxic past hurts. because the past is the past, and we live in the today, also It serves us no purpose. Love yourself enough & let any old hurts; ie grudges, etc. be free!

According to Psychology Today, the problem with grudges, besides the fact that they are a drag to carry around (like a bag of sedimentation toxic waste that keeps us stuck in anger) is that they don’t serve the purpose that they are there to serve. They don’t make us feel better or heal our hurt.

At the end of the day, we end up as proud owners of our grudges but still without the experience of comfort that we ultimately crave, that we have craved since the original wounding. We turn our grudge into an object and hold it out at arm’s length—proof of what we have suffered, a badge of honor, a way to remind others and ourselves of our pain and deserving-ness.

But in fact our grudge is disconnected from our own heart; while born out of our pain, it becomes a construction of the mind, a story of what happened to us. Our grudge morphs into a boulder that blocks the light of kindness from reaching our heart, and thus is an obstacle to true healing.

Sadly, in its effort to garner us empathy, our grudge ends up depriving us of the very empathy that we need to release it.

We victimize ourselves. we announce that we deserving extra kindness and special treatment.

Our indignation and anger is a cry to be cared about and treated differently because of what we have endured.

To let go of a grudge we need to move the focus off of the one who “wronged” us, off of the story of our suffering, and into the felt experience of what we actually lived. When we move our attention inside, into our heart, our pain shifts from being a “something” that happened to us, another part of our narrative, to a sensation that we know intimately, a felt sense that we are one with from the inside.

The Path to Freedom.

In re-focusing our attention, we find the soothing kindness and compassion that the grudge itself desires. In addition, we take responsibility for caring about our own suffering, and for knowing that our suffering matters, which can never be achieved through our grudge, no matter how fiercely we believe in it. We can then let go of the identity of the one who was “wronged,” because it no longer serves us and because our own presence is now righting that wrong. Without the need for our grudge, it often simply drops away without our knowing how. What becomes clear is that we are where we need to be, in our own heart’s company.

Take care of you.

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