Japanese Chi Facial

Japanese Chi Facial is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, It is like having a workout on your face. A deeply relaxing facial massage that has anti aging properties as well as relaxing the entire nervous system.


Increases venous and lymphatic circulation to the face, meaning more nutrition to the tissues and more waste product taken away.

Relaxes face muscles as we use them all the time! Stress lines visibly reduced.

Desquamation, getting rid of the surface layer of dead skin cells, making the skin more alive and vibrant.

Stimulates cellular function and cell renewal. It will make the skin look younger and healthier bringing more oxygen to the skin cells.

Toning the facial nerves by stimulation with this specific Facial.

Bring more 'Chi'/ 'Qi' from the face to the body giving more energy and vitality.

45 minutes

49 Euro.