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Herbal Treatment
Natural Soap and Flowers

Conditions supported at ZenVita Wellness:

I have a Naturopathic mindset,  Naturpathy is a system of Natural medicine, Nutrition, Vitamins using natural remedies to help heal the body naturally

and have been studying Herbs, Homeopathy and other Natural therapies for years, whereby I will make suggestions for any of the following along with the treatments I offer:

*Please note it is your responsibility to research and inform yourself about my suggestions. *

Improved lymphatic drainage

Strengthen immune system

Sinus Problems

Anxiety, Stress

Sleep problems/Insomnia





Bell's Palsy


Digestive disorders

Cancer complimentary support

Cardiovascular conditions





Bladder problems

& more



"Barbara's knowledge in health and natural healing is an absolute credit to her and the sincere dedication in finding a solution

for me when I first arrived in pain (my stomach) and my digestion was very sluggish.

I thought I was just having a Reflexology, she made suggestions and 2 months later I feel like a new woman! I cannot thank Barbara enough for her support"

Róisín, Foxrock, Co. Dublin

"I have been attending Barbara since she opened 8 years ago, every month Reiki is my treat to me, a  must for my well-being"

Sara Kennedy, Blessington, County Wicklow.

"Best facial I ever had"

Lorraine Dublin


"Beautiful calm room felt so Zzzzzz....en"

Caoimhe Wicklow Town

"Magical facial"

Shiran  South Dublin, "

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